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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tool 7: Digital Storytelling

I've started using Photo Story when I was in college for an assisgnment. In the classroom I use Photo Story as a memory...this video was made for my parents while they waited for the graduation party to begin. It's a very easy software to use and I love it! Students would be able to use it to make a project they have for example a video of their family or friends or any given topic. I would give my students to option to explore the software first then create a project.


  1. Esther, This is just too cool!! I want to be able to do this too. I love it and I know the parents did too. Peggy Wilkinson

  2. This is one of the new things that I want to do this coming year, i think parents will love to get more insight on what goes on during the school year.