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Friday, July 16, 2010

After 11 Tools: Reflections

I had a great time blogging. My favorite tool is Photo Story. I would use Photo Story in the classroom to recall prior knowledge. I can make a story with photos from field trips, classmates, numbers, alphabet, a story of their favorite many ideas I can do on Photo Story! Another cool tool that I would love for my students to use is to do a Mosaic Maker from This can be use as an introduction tool for the first couple to days of school. Students can make a Mosaic out of family pictures.

Technology has always been important for me to use in the classroom and for the students to use it as well. So many great things come from technology. I know having the iPod touch for students to use will help a lot in their learning and their fine motor skills.

Creating this blog was fun and easy to do...I loved it all!

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