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Monday, July 5, 2010

Tool 5: Tagging and Social Bookmarking

I decided to join Delicious at

The websites I booked mark are:

and a few others.

Tags I used to locate my information were, internet for the classroom, preschool activities, teacher news, and technology for everyone.

Using Social Bookmarking in the classroom as an educational tool, bookmarking sites can help students to find ways to search for information other than Google indexing. Students who use these sites will also be less likely to lose links that they have found valuable. Students and teachers can move from one computer to another and still have full access to their bookmarks. Students and teachers will be less likely to forget the location of the sites they have used. Students can share their bookmarks with their classmates. Students and teachers can also share collections of bookmarks they have found to be worthwhile. Social bookmarking sites can also help students to quickly find links to important current events and historical events. Some bookmarking sites allow students to subscribe to news feeds on a particular subject of interest. They can then go daily to this site to find the most current news on the subject. For a definition of news feeds go to:

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